Disneyland Disney Splash Mountain Picture Photo Frame Brer Rabbit Fox Bear 3D

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Disneyland Splash Mountain Photo Frame Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear 3D

It has the characters shown in 3D.

Frame Dimensions: 9.25" length x 6.5" width
Photo Dimensions it fits: 7" length x 5.25" width

It has its original clear faux "glass" to protect your photo, I believe it's a thin plastic. It was originally sold with that blue-green colored paper inside, which is not included.

The frame is in perfect shape, despite Br'er Bear's nose is lifted up by the wire. The characters look really cute.  The closures on the back of the frame close securely to keep the picture in the frame.  The colors of the frame is good condition, just dusty