M.F. Kotowski Railroad Art Print - the PCR "106" at San Luis O. #39

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M.F. Kotowski Rail Road ArtM.F. Kotowski ©19856/93 - Print #39 out of 300


Length - 14 Inches
Width - 11 Inches

Length - 10 1/2 Inches
Width - 7 3/4 Inches

Papers included:"A central California Narrow Gauge""Signature Series"

• This certificate documents the PCR "106" at San Luis O. color print as a special "SIGNATURE SERIES" issued by the artist Michael E. Kolowski. Hand Trimmed and Mounted for framing this print has been signed, dated, and numbered by the artist.
Do not display your print in direct sunlight or after the production in any way. Please retain this certificate with the signed and numbered print as the numbers correspond and the certification is indicated by artist's signature assigning it to the "SIGNATURE SERIES."

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