Pico Macom PHC-24G 24-Channel Passive Headend Combiner

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Pico Macom PHC-24G 1GHz Broadband 24-Channel Passive Headend Combiner


The Pico Macom PHC-24G is a professional re-broadcast grade rack-mounted high-isolation passive headend signal combiner. These units combine the outputs from multiple modulators and processors into a single common broadband output. The high quality directional coupler design enables high isolation between input ports, providing minimum interaction between digital and/or analog input sources. Also, low insertion loss ensures optimum carrier-to-noise ratio and superior picture quality.

The passive design of the PHC-24G combiner makes it ideally suited for bi-directional applications, such as cable modems, remote audio/video origination, or other applications where remote signal origination is returned to the headend. The PHC-24G can also serve as high quality rack-mounted high-isolation distribution splitter network.

- 65 Channel Frequency Range 5~1000MHz (CATV T7~13, 2~13, A1~A5, A~ZZZ, 89~158)

- High -30dB port-to-port isolation provides spurious carrier rejection and minimizes undesired channel interaction, thereby reducing picture distortion
- Passive design allows full bi-directional flexibility for two-way digital and analog requirements
- Directional coupler design and low insertion loss provide improved carrier to noise, system performance and picture quality
- 20dB test port provides convenient access for headend testing and system monitoring
- Can also be used as a rack mounted splitter.

- Bandwidth 5~1000MHz
- Isolation (opposite ports) 40dB
- Isolation (adjacent ports) 30dB
- Insertion Loss (max) -21dB
- Test Point Loss 20dB
- Input Connector Type 75Ω F-Female
- Output Connector Type 75Ω F-Female
- Dimensions 19˝(L) x 3˝(D) x 1.75˝(H)
- Weight 3.3lbs.