Vintage 1940s Oskar Hansen Calla Illy 4-5 1948 Stamped Signed Heavy Lotus Leaf

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Measures approximately 14” tall by 7” wide.

Vintage item stamped and marked.

Original and 100% authentic.

Made in the 1940s.


This is a beautiful piece of artwork from the late Oskar Hansen. He worked for the Virginia MetalCrafters. Most of his work was done in leaf patterns. Die cast in sand. Since his death his pieces of art have increased in value and are continuing to increase.

This piece is not perfect with a few marks and scuffs which can be seen throughout the leaf. I have not attempted to clean this. It does not, however deflect its beauty. If you are an art collector and love to invest, this would be an awesome piece to add to your collection!

There are very few of the Calla Lily done in this size. Most are the smaller sizes. This is a rare and hard to find piece.

This is a very heavy piece.

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